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Falcons preseason talk: Who will be the star of Atlanta’s preseason?

It’s usually a wide receiver. Will that hold true this year?

Miami Dolphins v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

You all remember JD McKissic, Bernard Reedy, and even Brandyn Harvey, who were wide receivers who had highlight reel plays in preseason and became fan favorites in short order. As preseason rapidly approaches, it’s worth thinking about who will be this year’s preseason star.

You’d never go wrong betting on a wide receiver, as they’re the position that most commonly breaks out. But who ultimately will end up endearing themselves to fans? I’d say coaches, but unfortunately most preseason stars wind up cut.

My bets on both sides of the ball are wide receiver Marvin Hall on offense, given his performance in training camp to this point, and linebacker Jermaine Grace on defense, for the same reason. Both players have a legitimate chance of landing on the Falcons’ practice squad, and both will be eager to prove their worth in preseason.

After you answer the question, use this as your open thread for the evening.