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Where does Dan Quinn rank among head coaches in terms of successful challenges?

The answer may surprise you!

NFL: Atlanta Falcons-Training Camp Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

One of the big—and arguably only—knocks on Dan Quinn has come in the form of criticisms aimed at his in-game decisions. There’s the times he appeared slow or hesitant to make calls, especially his first year on the job, and the now infamous decision not to overrule Kyle Shanahan’s pass-happy second half in the Super Bowl. C’est la vie.

For all that, Quinn does rank highly in one key (?) statistic. He’s among the top ten or so coaches in terms of successful challenges over his first two seasons in the league, with a 57.14% success rate (4 for 7) that puts him right around 9th or 10th in the NFL. That’s a small sample size, admittedly, but it’s still a good thing for a coach who draws some criticism

The clubhouse leader in challenges, by the way? That’d be Riverboat Ron Rivera, who has throw 19 challenge flags over the last two seasons, winning 13 of those. That’s wild.

And yes, I know this is an odd question for an article, but once I stumbled across it I had to know. You’re welcome.