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Meet your 1966-1970 All-Decade team, even though that’s not a full decade

It’s a good team, made better by your feedback.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Atlanta Falcons Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons have been in business for over five decades, meaning we had our hands full populating lists of nominees and voting on the best ever. I’m not sure we got everything right, but at the end of the day, these All-Decade teams look very good to me. We’ll put them all side-by-side tomorrow for a closer look.

I do want to thank those who have been Falcons fans for longer than me for chastising, correcting, and improving my lists throughout this process, as I didn’t have the grasp on the 1966-1980 teams that some of you do. It’s appreciated.

Later this week, we’re going to vote on the best ever to do it at each position group, so stay tuned for that. Congratulations for making it this far with us, though, and here’s your 1966-1970 team.


Quarterback: Bob Berry

Running Back: Cannonball Butler

Fullback: Junior Coffey

Wide Receivers: Tommy McDonald & Paul Flatley

Tight End: Jim Mitchell

Tackles: George Kunz (who I initially overlooked) & Bill Sandeman

Guards: Andy Maurer & Dick Enderle

Center: Jeff Van Note

Defense & Special Teams

Defensive Ends: Claude Humphrey & John Zook

Defensive Tackles: Glen Condren & John Small

Linebackers: Tommy Nobis, Don Hansen & Greg Brezina

Cornerbacks: Ken Reaves & Rudy Redmond

Safeties: John Mallory & Billy Lothridge

Kicker: Bob Better

Punter: Billy Lothridge

Returner: John Mallory