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Dan Quinn: Jalen Collins will play in preseason, won’t be immediately released

If anything’s going to happen with Jalen Collins, it’ll be weeks away.

NFC Championship - Green Bay Packers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Given the team’s obvious disappointment with Jalen Collins’ suspension, it would not be shocking to see the team ultimately cut ties with him, even if I find myself hoping they will not. If they do make that decision, it sounds like it’ll be a ways off, however.

In remarks at Flowery Branch, Quinn said Collins will get some preseason run since he won’t be suspended until the regular season, and that the team has no immediate plans to release Collins. In all likelihood, they’ll take a look at him in preseason, see how things stand when he returns from suspension, and then make a decision.

Ultimately, as is so often the case, the Falcons are going to take their time to evaluate. That means we won’t see a resolution any time soon, but it’s the right move for a team that has no idea how good and healthy their cornerback corps will be come Week 11 of the regular season. We’ll see how much run Collins gets during the preseason very soon, too.