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Falcons training camp talk: Who are the undrafted free agents who make the team?

There are a handful of possibilities this year.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons-Training Camp Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

We’re talking a little bit about undrafted free agents this week, and specifically about the ones who might have a chance of hanging on to a roster spot when the dust settles. It’s a question made more interesting by how stacked this 2017 roster looks to be, and by the fact that there are a small handful of UDFAs who by virtue of lack of competition or raw talent figure to be in the mix all summer.

So here’s tonight’s question: Who actually makes it? Will this be that rare year where Atlanta doesn’t wind up keeping an incoming rookie UDFA on the team?

I’ve got Tyler Renew landing the fullback job, ultimately, and that’s it for this year. Not very interesting or inspiring, but then, sometimes reality isn’t.

Sound off, and then use this as your all-purpose open thread for the evening.