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The Falcons won’t play 27 guys tonight, and they’re all obvious roster locks

Matt Ryan? Julio Jones? Wow, bold picks.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Atlanta Falcons Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons are doing about what you’d expect for their fourth preseason game: Sitting nearly everyone they’re going to rely on in the regular season.

Besides the extremely obvious names on here—starters like Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Alex Mack and Dontari Poe—the team has made some very obvious choices with their inactives that deserve to be commented upon. Check out the list below.

The team is getting a long look at the many cornerbacks and safeties vying for backup roles, but they’ve more or less confirmed that they’re keeping Derrick Coleman as their starting fullback. Coleman never had any real competition once the team decided Tyler Renew was not going to be the guy, so we’ll welcome him to the team and hope he’s an effective lead blocker in 2017.

The very interesting note is that Terron Ward has been declared inactive. With Brian Hill already missing this game, this sends the signal that Ward has made the team. That just leaves us to wonder whether Hill will be kept, waived through to the practice squad, or placed on injured reserve. We’ll mull that over tonight while Kelvin Taylor and Jhurrell Pressley carry the load.

Any thoughts on this list?