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Projecting the Atlanta Falcons practice squad before Week 4 of preseason

The Atlanta Falcons will have 11 men on their practice squad. Who are we projecting?

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

We’re about to finish up the fourth preseason game, which means we’ll soon know what the Falcons’ first version of the practice squad will look like.

This week, I took out Taniela Tupou in favor of Chris Odom, a player the Falcons appear to like a great deal at defensive end. I also sadly moved giant Danish tackle Andreas Knappe off here because the Falcons have once again barely seen fit to play him, and throw Daniel Brunskill on there instead. Those are the only two changes this week.

I’m leaving Alek Torgesen on here because I believe Matt Simms is out of practice squad eligibility, but the Falcons have shown little inclination to play Torgersen to this point, so it may be a different quarterback entirely.

Ultimately, this would give the Falcons two additional options at an unsettled cornerback position, two intriguing defensive linemen, a promising rookie linebacker, offensive line depth with some upside, a third quarterback to develop, and not one but two wide receivers with special teams prowess. I’d be happy if things settled out this way.

  • CB Jarnor Jones
  • CB/S Akeem King
  • DE J’Terius Jones
  • DE Chris Odom
  • LB Jermaine Grace
  • OL Daniel Brunskill
  • OL D.J. Tialavea
  • QB Alek Torgersen
  • WR Marvin Hall
  • WR Reggie Davis
  • TE Alex Gray

What does your practice squad look like?