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Nominate your choices for the best Falcons 1966-1970 defenders and special teamers

It’s not great!

Atlanta Falcons Practice Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

We’ve reached the end of the nominations for our All-Decade series, and it was a wild ride to get here. Now we’ve reached the point where we’re talking about defenders and special teamers very few of you will remember.

There are a handful of true greats on this list and some very depressing choices, and I literally could not locate a safety I thought belonged on this list. I’m hoping those of you who were around or have seen many more old games can tell me who we should be voting on at that position, at the very least.

Take a look below, and we’ll get to voting over the weekend.

Defensive Ends: Claude Humphrey & John Zook

Defensive Tackles: Glen Condren & John Small

Linebackers: Tommy Nobis, Don Hansen & Grady Allen

Cornerbacks: Ken Reaves & Rudy Redmond

Safeties: Help

Kicker: Bob Better

Punter: Billy Lothridge

Returner: John Mallory