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Falcons preseason talk: How many waiver claims will the Falcons make after cutdowns?

This team could still use some upgraded reserves, and there’s one quick and easy way to do it.

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

After every NFL team makes its roster cuts, there will be ample opportunity to claim useful players for every NFL team. The Falcons are no exception, and they probably will have the motivation to try for a couple of veterans to fill existing roster holes.

The question is, how many players will Atlanta wind up trying to pick up?

I’ll go ahead and throw one one. Ultimately, with Austin Pasztor in the fold and some decent options on the interior of the offensive line, the most likely spot for a veteran addition is a cornerback. I’ll say the Falcons will see who shakes loose, find a veteran cornerback they like enough to sign, and bring that man aboard as a potential fourth or fifth cornerback. l say the Falcons will almost certainly explore their options at the position, where C.J. Goodwin, Deji Olatoye and others have not impressed, while Jalen Collins is out for the first ten games of the season.

Give us your answer to tonight’s question, and then talk Falcons, as you are wont to do.