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Brian Hill, Kevin Graf ruled out for Thursday’s preseason finale against the Jaguars

Dan Quinn has already ruled both players out.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Hill and Kevin Graf both exited the Cardinals’ preseason game with injuries, and with a short week, they’ve already been ruled out. It’s unfortunate for two players who have legitimately been in the mix for roster spots, and now may find themselves getting the axe.

Hill has been outplayed Terron Ward this summer, and with the injury, the team may either sneak him onto the practice squad or place him on injured reserve to try to squirrel him away for a year. Either outcome is disappointing for a player who has a physical running style the Falcons need over the long haul, but I do think he’ll be a useful backup down the line.

Graf, meanwhile, seemed like he’d be in the mix at swing tackle, but injury and less-than-stellar play has more or less erased his chance. He could still hit the practice squad, but with Daniel Brunskill, DJ Tialavea and Andreas Knappe lurking, he’s probably going to find himself looking for a new home soon.

We wish both these guys well in their recovery, however long or short it may be, and I’m hopeful Hill will still be a Falcon in a week’s time.