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Falcons preseason talk: What mattered from Saturday night’s preseason game?

Did anything?

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve spent the day telling you what mattered from Falcons-Cardinals—it’s sort of what we do!—but now we want to flip the tables and ask you what did. We’re crafty like that.

For my money, the only two things that genuinely mattered were the performance of the defensive starters (which was excellent) and the injury report (which was relatively non-alarming, all things considered). The poor performance of the offense was something I’ll file away and use to spot signs of decline in coming weeks, but other than that, it just feel like a bad blip on the radar to me. Preparation and health are the things that move the needle for your favorite blog editor.

How about you, though? Do you think the offensive performance did matter? Sound off, and as always, talk Falcons for the rest of the evening here. We’re on to the Jaguars pretty quickly this week.