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Falcons preseason talk: Will Brian Hill get to run with the starters?

The rookie back has a lot to prove, and could use a shot.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The common thread for Brian Hill this offseason has been a lack of success running the football...behind an often abysmal offensive line. It’s not that Terron Ward hasn’t done well behind that same arrangement of linemen, but he’s also gotten a little more run behind better lines.

What I’m wondering, to put it simply, is whether Hill will get the opportunity to spend time with the starters, or if he’ll once again be inserted with the backups. This is a vital question both because it would give Hill a chance to prove he belongs in the best possible situation, and because it would limit the time Tevin Coleman, the team’s only healthy starting-caliber back, will spend on the field.

I do think the Falcons will ease Hill in sometime in the second quarter and let him pick up a series with the starters, because they genuinely need to figure out if they’re keeping four picks, risking subjecting Hill to waivers, or keeping him over Ward. I don’t know how he’ll fare, but I’m interested to see him get his shot.

How about you? Sound off and use this as your open thread.