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Falcons vs. Cardinals odds: My god, you’re betting on preseason again

What are you doing?

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Despite our endless warnings against it, you have continued to bet on preseason games. Your family is suffering for it, friends. Yet you persist, and now, you wish to know the odds for the third week of preseason.

We beg of you, stop this madness! The outcome is not important, and the lines are basically just illusory numbers meant to entice dollar bills to crawl, crab-like, out of your wallet and toward the glitzy richness of Las Vegas.

But heck, if you insist, here are the odds for Falcons-Cardinals. Atlanta’s home in their brand new stadium, so they are obvious favorites against a Cardinals team that Bruce Arians seems continually disgusted with, and are accordingly four point favorites. The Falcons were, for the record, underdogs in the first two weeks of preseason, and they did lose narrowly-ish in both of them.

But please, again, don’t bet money on preseason. We care about you.