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Falcons preseason talk: Does preseason performance matter?

It does not, but hey, let’s debate.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

One of the things that always happens after a preseason loss is that somewhere, somehow, Falcons fans panic a little bit. Not all of you, mind you, but a fanbase fresh off a crushing Super Bowl loss that already was inclined to take preseason seriously is a fanbase that might invest a little extra into the results so far.

This is a debate we go through every single year, whether the Falcons are good in preseason or the regular season or not. So we’ll ask it again, with the full knowledge that this is one of the most talented Falcons teams we’ve seen, and the losses have come because the deep reserves couldn’t keep up with Miami or Pittsburgh’s deep reserves. I’m inclined to think very little matters.

That said, the preseason performances do matter on an individual level, and those performances can have a significant impact on whether or not players make this roster. It’s just that the team result truly does not matter, in my eyes.

Does preseason matter, and do results and performances matter? Sound off, and then let’s talk about the Falcons more generally.