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Atlanta Falcons bubble watch: Players living on the edge after Week 2 of preseason

We focus on three players who are in a precarious position after the second week.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons-Minicamp Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons get to delay their roster cuts down to 53 players until after the fourth week of the preseason, but that just means the roster bubble is bigger, and it takes a bit longer to burst. There are players who by “virtue” of their preseason performances find themselves ever closer to the edge of that bubble, and after the Steelers game, we have three more who make the list.

Daniel Brunskill

After turning in a solid performance versus Miami, Brunskill was destroyed against the Steelers on a regular basis. It was the kind of performance that can unfortunately get a player cut, especially when that player is operating with a razor thin margin of error thanks

The fact that Brunskill was hardly alone in this one matters little for his prospects, especially with Austin Pasztor now in the fold. The team is likely to only keep one tackle on the practice squad, and Brunskill will have to rebound to show that slot should be his, particularly with Kevin Graf turning in a fine performance.

Deji Olatoye

Look, I don’t think preseason results should cripple a player’s chances of making the roster, particularly when the player in question has regular season experience and quality play under their belts. That said, Akeem King looks improved, Jarnor Jones looks very good for a rookie, and C.J. Goodwin has both more experience and more special teams value than Olatoye. He’s not going to be handed a job, and while I still think he’ll be the fifth corner, he’s not the lock I once thought he was.

Brian Hill

Same thing as a week ago. Hill is a back I like a great deal, but by virtue of poor line play and his own struggles, he simply hasn’t impressed yet. With Terron Ward doing good work this preseason, and having two years under his belt with this offense, Hill is not safe. He’s got practices and two games left to make his case, but he’d better start making that case strongly soon.