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Dan Quinn talks up tight end Darion Griswold, adding more intrigue to the position

Griswold is one of five tight ends competing for a job.

NFL: Indianapolis Colts-Minicamp Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Tight end is already one of the more loaded positions on the roster, assuming a few things break right. Austin Hooper is a breakout candidate who could become one of the better young tight ends in football, Levine Toilolo has turned into a solid contributor in all areas, and Eric Saubert and Josh Perkins have real upside.

So it’s interesting that Dan Quinn took some time to talk up Darion Griswold, who has been kicking around since signing a contract back in February. One never quite knows how much stock to put into praise like this, but it is genuinely interesting to hear the head coach speak highly of the forgotten man in a competition.

“The competition at tight end has been a good one,” Quinn said. “Griswold, it’s his size at tight end. When you see him in the one-on-ones, you see him catching. He has a big catching radius where he can go up and grab it. He’s not quite as tall as Levine (Toilolo), but he does have length.”

Whether Griswold hangs around likely depends on what the Falcons do at the tight end position on the 53 man roster, given that it’s deeply uncertain whether the team will keep three or four tight ends. If they keep three, it’s a very solid bet that either Saubert or Perkins will hit the practice squad, leaving Griswold on the outs. If they keep four, though, it’s possible Griswold’s intriguing enough to get onto the practice squad. I can’t imagine a scenario in which he actually makes the roster, though.

Still, keep an eye on Griswold, as D-Led suggests. Maybe he’ll make this thing interesting.