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The Falcoholic Podcast Ep 27: Jay Cutler gives no damns

Just. Like. Jeanna.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Jeanna and DW are joined this week by NFL writer Andrew Hirsh, formerly of The Falcoholic and The slightly inebriated podcast takes a look at the Falcons first preseason game against the Dolphins and how the group thought they performed. The conversation moves towards the Falcons offense, and whether Matt Ryan and company can avoid a regression. Assuming they do regress, the trio discuss how steep that regression may be. Finally the conversation looks toward the upcoming preseason game against the Steelers and what each person is looking forward to seeing.

Be forewarned, DW had plenty of whiskey before (during and after) the podcast while Jeanna possibly finished an entire box of wine. If words were slurred during the recording of this podcast, you’ll have to forgive us. We’re living up to our brand.

As always, you can find The Falcoholic podcast on iTunes, the Google Play store and Stitcher. You can find an RSS feed here.