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Dan Quinn is sitting at 20/1 odds to win 2017 NFL Coach of the Year

If that seems low....well, it does to us, too.

Atlanta Falcons Practice Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Dan Quinn is a great coach. Whatever his flaws, he’s done a masterful job of motivating this Falcons team, acquiring talent, and getting them from a .500 or worse team to a Super Bowl contender. You can’t tell me he’s not one of the best in the NFL, so please do not try.

That said, is he favored to win NFL Coach of the Year fresh off that masterful 2016 campaign? If you look at the odds, nah.

Bill Belichick unsurprisingly leads all contenders at 7/1, but he’s followed closely by Jack Del Rio (9/1) Mike McCarthy (10/1), and Ron Rivera (12/1). People clearly have a lot more faith in the Raiders and Panthers than I do. At 20/1, Dan Quinn is tied with the likes of Andy Reid, Dirk Koetter, Bruce Arians and Pete Carroll, all of whom are extremely good coaches (okay, jury’s still out on Koetter)

So yeah, it seems a bit low to me. Let’s see if Quinn can get his team back into the postseason and manage a deep postseason run, and then we can really start talking about this being an injustice.