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The Falcons will get a full tour of Mercedes-Benz Stadium one day before it opens

Yes, that’s right, most Falcons haven’t been in the stadium yet.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium Walkthrough Tour Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Here’s a crazy thing: The Falcoholic has been inside the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium, which knocked our socks off. Most of the team’s players haven’t been to this point. That’s nuts when you consider that this will be their home at least eight games every year.

Thankfully, that will be remedied pretty soon. As ESPN’s Vaughn McClure reports, they’ll be touring the stadium next Friday, before their upcoming Saturday home game against the Arizona Cardinals.

As Taylor Gabriel says in the linked piece, football players can play anywhere where there’s a field, and while it’ll be cool to see the place, the players don’t need to in order to tear up the turf there. But considering it’s home now, hopefully they’ll like it.