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Alert: Dontari Poe is going to get a chance to score a touchdown this year

Hot diggity!

Kansas City Chiefs v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Dontari Poe has been unusually, hilariously productive on offense for a 300-pound plus defensive tackle. He’s scored three times in the last two seasons alone, and he’s joining one of the most creative offensive teams in football.

If you were hoping to see a Fat Guy Touchdown (TM), in other words, this might be your year.

Yes, that is Dan Quinn talking about how good Dontari Poe’s hands are, and the possibility that the Falcons will get him in the game in goal line packages. This is absurd and wonderful and I 100% believe the Falcons will make it a priority to try Poe out on the goal line this season just to screw with opposing defenses who already have enough to contend with. There’s also the small matter that Poe hasn’t scored these touchdowns by accident, because he’s ridiculously big and powerful.

If Poe leads the team in touchdown receptions in 2017, I may start believing the Football Gods have a genuine sense of humor. Let’s see what he can do.