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Report: Falcons sign running back Jhurrell Pressley

The Falcons worked out three backs, and came away with a familiar face.

Los Angeles Rams v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Just a little while ago, we asked if the Falcons should take a run at Ryan Mathews, who is objectively better (and thus more expensive) than the three running backs the Falcons worked out this morning. The NFL news cycle has a habit of rendering those discussions moot in short order, and here we are.

The Falcons needed another body at running back, and while I have an affinity for David Cobb that goes back to his draft class, Jhurrell Pressley is a fine choice. He spent some time with the Falcons last fall, joining the practice squad, and was an absurdly productive, powerful running back at the University of New Mexico. He’s bounced around the NFL and hasn’t made an impact to date, of course, but here’s another bite at the apple for him.

Chances are the battle for the third running back job is still between Terron Ward and Brian Hill, but Kelvin Taylor and Pressley will be called upon to help shoulder the load through the rest of preseason, and that’ll give them a slim but real chance to push for a roster or practice squad spot. We’ll see what Pressley can do.