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Falcons preseason talk: Which training camp performance will translate to the season?

We have a few candidates in mind.

Atlanta Falcons Practice Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Earlier this morning, we briefly touched on the possibility of Ra’Shede Hageman finally breaking out, albeit in more limited snaps than he’s accustomed to receiving. We based that on Dan Quinn’s praise for Hageman’s camp, and as we know, that is a completely reliable barometer of success and has been since the beginning of time, the end.

Tonight, let’s talk about training camp seriously for a moment and assume that somewhere on this roster, there’s a player who is going to carry over a strong camp into a big season. I’m interested to hear who you think that player is.

Personally, I’m going with Austin Hooper, who is a disappointingly obvious candidate. Hooper looked good throughout preseason, has a good rapport with Matt Ryan, and could be a lethal red zone option in this offense. He should have no problem delivering on that promise.

Who would be your candidate? Once you’ve answered, use this as your open thread for the evening.