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David Cobb works out for the Falcons, is gunning for Devonta Freeman’s job

If Cobb signs with Atlanta, Thomas Dimitroff sure is going to look foolish for that Freeman contract.

NFL: Preseason-Carolina Panthers at Tennessee Titans Andrew Nelles-USA TODAY Sports

Injuries always open doors for other players to show what they have. You never know when a Pro Bowler is one spot behind you in the depth chart. The Falcons gave Steven Jackson a billion snaps even though Devonta Freeman was right behind him on the depth chart.

Is this player going to pull a Devonta Freeman on Devonta Freeman?

“Woah, David Cobb,” you say? Of course you remember Cobb as a potential late round fantasy football selection two years ago with the Tennessee Titans. Despite his poor athleticism, we blew up for 146 rushing yards on only 52 attempts, and an electric one pass completed for negative two yards.

Freeman better get healthy fast, because if the Falcons bring in Cobb, he’s gunning for that top spot. I already have him above Tevin Coleman in my current roster projection.

Realistically, Cobb fills in at running back through preseason, and mayyyyybe gives unimpressive rookie Brian Hill a little competition. I’ll put his odds at a week one roster spot someone below 1%.