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Julio Jones appears healthy, but still may not play in preseason

It’s just further confirmation that Julio will be set for the season opener.

Atlanta Falcons Practice Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Julio Jones has been recovering from offseason foot surgery, and while there was never any real doubt he’d be good to go for the season opener, sometimes it’s nice to hear that from the man himself.

We may see Julio in the third or fourth preseason game getting a little action and maybe hauling in one of his trademark ridiculous catches, but as Julio notes, the Falcons aren’t going to rush him along. They certainly don’t need to, given that Julio doesn’t need preseason snaps to be effective in the regular season, and injury risk looms large over every preseason game.

I’m hopeful that the Falcons will sit Devonta Freeman (who has a concussion) and Julio through the rest of preseason. There’s very little upside to playing either before the season begins, after all. We can look forward to seeing Julio on the field against the Bears, though, when he should be able to put together a dominant performance against a suspect secondary.