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Falcons preseason talk: How is swing tackle going to shake out, exactly?

There’s a lot of guys battling, but who emerges triumphant?

NFL: Atlanta Falcons-Minicamp Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve said throughout the offseason that the swing tackle battle should be an interesting one, given the lack of established options on the roster. Short of the Falcons shrugging, jettisoning the six or so contenders currently on the 90 man and snagging a veteran, someone has to win this thing. The tricky thing is figuring out who.

So here’s tonight’s question: Who is going to win that swing tackle job? Is the man in question even on the roster right now?

I predicted Andreas Knappe over the last couple of months and I’m going to stick with that, because I think it’s unfair to read too much into the fact that he received fewer snaps than other contenders in the first week of preseason. Do keep an eye on DJ Tialavea and Daniel Brunskill, however, as both held their own against the Dolphins.

Give us your prediction, and then use this as your open thread for the evening.