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Mercedes-Benz Stadium will be ready for football very soon

Falcons football, in case you needed clarification.

NFL: NFC Championship-Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The roof may not function perfectly. The concessions will be very cheap, and the tickets will not. The name on the front is a little too similar to a much older stadium in a town we don’t care for, due to their football allegiances. None of that will seem all that important once the football starts, and it will, soon enough.

There has been so much speculation about this stadium getting done on time that I think we should take a moment to marvel that it’s happening, whether or not it happened on-budget. We won’t officially see the Falcons kicking off in the new stadium until Week 2 against the Packers, but even that outcome was never completely certain until right about now. So hell, yeah, I’m psyched.

Ultimately, it’ll be one of the best stadiums in the NFL. I’m hopeful every Falcons fan who wants to will be able to attend a game there, because every one of you deserves it. Even more importantly, I hope this stadium proves to be home to more success than the Georgia Dome ever was.