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Jalen Collins will reportedly get fewer preseason snaps the rest of the way

After a poor first week of preseason, the Falcons have decided Collins should get fewer snaps.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons played Jalen Collins a lot against the Dolphins, and he responded by playing a pretty poor game, one that has sharply divided the fanbase and ignited a fresh debate about whether Collins is even going to make the team.

Dan Quinn predictably did not even come close to talking about the team keeping or cutting Collins, but he did acknowledge that the team played Collins more than they expected they would, and perhaps that won’t happen again.

"I'll take it on a week-to-week basis," Quinn said of Collins' preseason playing time with three more games remaining. "But it will be, I would think, a little less as we're heading into the next game [Aug. 20 at Pittsburgh]. But ... the whole week for him has been a difficult one from getting suspended, to [Thursday night's] performance. So we're hopeful to see if he can reset."

This just makes sense. The team needs to evaluate other players who are going to be around for the first ten games of the season, and whatever Collins does from here in the preseason shouldn’t make much of an impact on whether the team’s going to carry him when his suspension is up. The vital thing here is that the Falcons get their best possible set of cornerbacks for the season ahead, and that they keep everyone healthy heading into the season. Especially since they’ll need to do so without Collins.