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Today is 7/9, so let’s celebrate the noble Saints

Celebrating the below average because the playoffs aren’t for everybody.

(Photo courtesy @ThatTerenius)

We’re gathered here today to celebrate what should be considered a tradition at this point. A celebration of mediocrity. A celebration of never being good enough.

A celebration of the New Orleans Saints going 7-9 for three consecutive seasons.

A record of 7-9 for three. Consecutive. Seasons.

You’d think that the duo of a stat padding quarterback who endorses AdvoCare and a head coach who was implicated in an alleged Vicodin theft would somehow manage to luck their way to a better record.

Actually, you wouldn’t think that — because the Saints are trash, now and forever.

Saints fans will quickly remind you of that tarnished trophy they received back in 2009.

Remember that year? Then-defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was the mastermind behind Bountygate — a program in which players earned money for taking opposing players out of games.

Yep — they cheated their way to a ring. But that’s okay, Saints fans will tell you, because they’re content as long as Drew Brees passes for 5,000 meaningless yards each year.

Don’t forget they apparently didn’t pay the electric bill when they hosted Super Bowl XLVII. The Superdome’s power outage ended up delaying the game for 34 minutes.

Here’s to a great #AllAintsDay and another 7-9 finish for the Saints this upcoming season. But really, we all know it’s inevitable at this point.