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The Falcons will not use a pick in the NFL Supplemental Draft yet again in 2017

Surprise, surprise.

Atlanta Falcons Practice Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

This year’s supplemental draft is happening next week, and while I could give you the schedule and the whole song and dance for that, there’s really no point. The Atlanta Falcons are not going to pick either of the players who might be draft, and chances are no NFL team is going to expend a pick, either.

The two players available are Georgia Military College defensive lineman Tavares Bingham and Western New Mexico running back Marques Rodgers. Both put up nice stats at their relatively small schools—Rodgers ran for over 1,200 and 10 touchdowns two years ago—but the supplemental draft is rarely utilized for any number of reasons.

The biggest one is that it requires teams to surrender a draft choice in the next year’s actual draft, which is rarely worth it unless you think you’re about to scoop up an elite player. The last player actually taken was Isaiah Battle, a promising tackle, with a fifth round selection by the Rams back in 2015. He has yet to play in an NFL game, which sort of underlines the danger of spending one of those picks.

The Falcons have not made a habit of selecting players in the supplemental draft, and as tempting as a man from Georgia Military College may be, I doubt this will be the year where they change that. We’ll keep an eye out, just in case, but you know it’s not happening.

You may now resume your vigilant watch for football, which is only about a month or so away.