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Nominate your choices for the 1990 Falcons All-Decade defense and special teams

It’s a strong bunch.

Chuck Smith #90

While the best version of the Atlanta Falcons 1990s offense has some legitimate holes and probably doesn’t stack up against the 2000s and 2010s squads minus a few key positions, the 1990s Falcons defense can hold up against anybody in franchise history.

You have, among my nominees, several of the team’s top ten all-time in sacks. You have the man who holds the team’s career tackles record. And you have a Hall of Fame cornerback and kicker (since we’re also counting special teams), just to round things out. There are a couple of weak spots, but this is a mighty fine defense and special teams, and you may nominate even better men I’ve forgotten about. Please do so now.

Remember, you’re nominating from 1991-2000, essentially. Go nuts.

1990s Falcons All-Decade Defense & Special Teams

Defensive Ends: Chuck Smith & Lester Archambeau

Defensive Tackles: Travis Hall & Shane Dronett

Linebackers: Jessie Tuggle, Henri Crockett, Cornelius Bennett

Cornerbacks: Ray Buchanan & Deion Sanders

Safeties: Scott Case & William White

Kicker: Morten Andersen

Punter: Dan Stryzinski

Returner: Deion Sanders (if you hate including him twice, Tim Dwight)