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Falcons trivia: Who threw fewer picks in one full season than any other Atlanta QB?

There are two possible answers.

Dolphins v Falcons X

The last time we asked about interceptions, it was to note the quarterback who holds the team record for most picks in a season. That was Bobby Hebert, a quarterback I actually loved a lot as a young kid, but not one who exactly transformed the fortunes of the franchise.

Today, we’re going to look at the opposite. We’re going to discuss the quarterback who started every game in a Falcons season and managed to throw the fewest picks in franchise history for a single season. The only real requirement here is that the QB in question had to have started every single game, which means you can’t point to Steve Bartkowski for his 1985 season, where he started five games and threw just one pick.

Your answer here, by the way, is going to depend entirely on whether you’re willing to accept the results of a 14 game season or only a 16 game season. The question has two very different answers depending on that.