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Nominate your offensive starters for the 1990s All-Decade Falcons team

This is a fun trip down memory lane, and a pretty solid offense.

Jamal Anderson

We’ve assembled 2010s and 2000s All-Decade teams for our Falcons, and they’ve both looked pretty damned impressive. Now it’s time to see how the 1990s squad will stack up.

You can take a list of my nominees below (there were a couple of tough decisions), and remember that you’re going from 1991-2000 here. This is an offense that features a bruising back with the best single season in franchise history, two of the best receivers the Falcons have ever had, and good lord is that seriously the best tight end?

One of the most remarkable things about assembling this list of nominees was how many fond memories it brought back for me, and how little I remembered the best interior linemen the Falcons had in the 1990s. I’m wagering you’ll have the same experience.

Give us your nominees for offense!

1990s All-Decade Falcons Offense

Quarterback: Chris Chandler

Running Back: Jamal Anderson

Fullback: Bob Christian

Wide Receivers: Terance Mathis & Andre Rison

Tight End: O.J. Santiago

Tackles: Bob Whitfield & Mike Kenn

Guards: Houston Hoover & Calvin Collins

Center: Roman Fortin