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Falcons training camp 2017: QB Matt Ryan is pretty fond of his running backs

Fact: Devonta Freeman bought Tevin Coleman a fidget spinner for his birthday

San Francisco 49ers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons have two dynamic, talented running backs on their roster. Many NFL teams struggle to find just a single running back with a similar skillset. It’s a credit to the front office that both Freeman and Coleman found their way onto this roster simultaneously. It remains to be seen whether the Falcons can keep both men in Atlanta, but for now, we’ll enjoy the show.

Falcons training camp began less than a week ago. Hot takes abound, and everything is awesome, notwithstanding the absurdly gut-wrenching way last season ended. So why not take a moment and revel in the glory that is the Falcons running back tandem? Here’s what quarterback Matt Ryan had to say about them recently (credit to ESPN’s Vaughn McClure for the quote):

"The two guys -- Tevin, Devonta -- they're so versatile for us," Ryan said. "When you watch those guys compete this offseason, the way that they've practiced the start of camp, catching the football out of the backfield, it's going to be critical for us. I think those guys are two of the most talented guys in the league and are three-down backs. They catch the ball really well for us. They run the ball in between the tackles, outside the tackles. And they pass protect for us really well. So we're lucky to have both those guys."

Freeman is a controversial figure these days. Setting aside the contract shenanigans and a single missed pass block for a second, Freeman is an incredibly talented football player. I can’t imagine the Falcons won’t miss him if he hits free agency. I also can’t imagine the Falcons can replace him with another fourth round draft pick. Coleman clearly understands his limitations; he’s only valuable if he stays on the field, and that’s his priority this season. In short, this running back tandem is arguably the league’s best for a reason. Ryan knows how good they are and he’s happy to have them as members of his supporting cast.

Your thoughts?