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Matt Ryan thinks his criticism of Kyle Shanahan blowing the Super Bowl is overblown

Matt Ryan is CHOKING on his comments about Kyle Shanhan, suggesting they have been BLOWN out of proportion.

Atlanta Falcons Practice
A few hours before he burned it all to the ground and skipped town.
Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Matt Ryan does not typically make waves off the field, but he made a few ripples when he explained how he did not have time to audible out of Kyle Shanahan’s stupid play calling because it takes Kyle Shanahan too long to make his stupid plays. We at the Falcoholic, of course, remain neutral with regards to Shanahan’s stupid play calling and that smug smile that just makes you hate him with every fiber of his being. That’s journalism.

As you might imagine, the press asked about the interview. I do not blame them. There is almost nothing going on right now. Anyways, Vaughn McClure of ESPN got the quote.

"I think sometimes the headlines of articles can be misleading," Ryan said. (Our headline was very subdued, but only because Dave wrote it and I didn’t get a chance. - Ed.) "In that situation, it was just a reference to how we operated all year. It wasn't coming in too late or anything. That's just the way it came in. I thought Kyle did a great job for us last year.

"I think everybody is reading a little bit too much into it, and it is what it is. But we've moved on. We're on to this year. And we're focused on trying to become the best football team that this team can be."

Ryan must have since taken night classes at Mike Smith’s School Of Not Saying Anything At All. I am going to bet that the CBS interview will be Ryan’s last real conversation on Shanahan.

Do we really need to know anything about the Super Bowl? A lot of things fell apart, and not everything was Shanahan’s fault. Sure, most of it was his fault, and sure, he has taken a lot of control away from quarterbacks in his offense. These problems hadn’t come up, but the Super Bowl sure is a bad place for them to all happen at once.