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Thomas Dimitroff: Falcons want to have Devonta Freeman deal done by Thursday

Devonta’s got a new deal coming. Will it be done in time for training camp?

Super Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Thursday is the very first day of training camp practices for the Atlanta Falcons, a momentous occasion in its own right. If Thomas Dimitroff and the Falcons front office have their way, there will be another reason to celebrate on July 27, too.

The Falcons have said repeatedly that they’d like to get a new deal done with Devonta Freeman before the season begins, and preferably by or during training camp. In an interview with media today before he did some bike riding with children—bless that man—Dimitroff talked about those negotiations, and how they’re at the forefront for the team right now.

There’s been some drama along the way, but to this point we haven’t heard anything that would make you think talks might break down. The Falcons understand Freeman’s value and love him, as they should, and Freeman isn’t threatening any kind of a holdout while the deal gets done. We won’t know the structure until the deal is actually done, but expect Freeman to be among the highest-paid running backs with a completed extension, and for the team to give themselves some wiggle room in terms of years or guaranteed money in case he doesn’t continue to live up to that billing.

Hopefully the two sides can agree on something sooner rather than later, get that inevitable Matt Ryan extension done, and focus on the business ahead this season.