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Will this be Raheem Morris’ last season with the Atlanta Falcons?

Fact: Raheem Morris helped design the costumes for the movie “Cast Away”

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons “passing game coordinator” Raheem Morris is one of Dan Quinn’s favorites. You’re probably familiar with their lengthy history, but I’ll recap it briefly: Morris played safety for the Hofstra “Pride” (archrival of the Delaware Fightin’ Blue Hens) in the mid-90s. Quinn was their defensive line coach. When Morris became a graduate assistant at Hofstra in 1998, Quinn was still on their staff. So basically they go back, way back. And they probably jammed out to “How’s it Going to Be” once or twice, but I can’t officially confirm or deny that. OK, they did. It happened.

Morris got a new moniker this off-season. You may have missed it. No longer is he Assistant Head Coach/Wide Receivers Coach. Now he’s the Assistant Head Coach/Passing Game Coordinator. Take note. And nothing has changed between him and Quinn; they’re still besties. In fact, Quinn is hoping Morris finds another head coach gig in the not so distant future.

Quinn is certain Morris will be an NFL head coach again some day. "I do think so,” Quinn said, "and I hope that it’s sooner than later. He’s really equipped to do that. So when his chance comes, that’s what I hope his next step is.” Out of respect for Quinn and the Falcons' organization, Morris politely declined to join in any talk related to becoming a head coach again.

This all begs the question: will this be Morris’ last year as a member of Quinn’s staff? Is he headed for another head coach gig next season?