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Nominate the best Falcons on defense and special teams from 1971-1980

We’re digging deep and unearthing some franchise legends.

Philadelphia Eagles v Atlanta Braves Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

We put together a nominee list for the 1971-1980 Falcons offense, and while there are some shining stars in that group, nobody’s going to confuse it with the best offense Atlanta’s ever had. This defense and special teams group, though? Different story.

This is one hell of a defense, frankly. Some of the names below are arguably the best ever to suit up at their respective positions as Falcons, including Tommy Nobis and Rolland Lawrence, and punter John James remains the gold standard in Atlanta.

Here’s my team. Share yours!

1971-1980 Falcons All-Decade Defense & Special Teams

Defensive Ends: John Zook & Jeff Merrow

Defensive Tackles: Chuck Walker & Mike Lewis

Linebackers: Tommy Nobis, Fulton Kuykendall & Greg Brezina

Cornerbacks: Rolland Lawrence & Ken Reaves

Safeties: Clarence Ellis & Ray Brown

Kicker: Nick Mike-Mayer

Punter: John James

Returner: Billy “White Shoes” Johnson