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Nominate your choices for the 1971-1980 All-Falcons offense

Check out the legends, both remembered and forgotten, on this list.

Atlanta Falcons v San Francisco 49ers Photo by George Rose/Getty Images

We are now officially leaving the portion of Falcons football that I directly watched as a child of the 80s, which means we’ll be putting together these rosters based on stats, highlight reels, years played, and the guidance of fans who have been around longer than me. I welcome this challenge with open arms.

Today, we’ll nominate the best Falcons offense from the 1971-1980 period. There are some very familiar names here—you just saw the likes of Mike Kenn, Steve Bartkowski, Jeff Van Note and Alfred Jenkins—but also some new ones who have largely been lost to history. Some of them, like Jim Mitchell, were quietly terrific for the area.

If you remember a lot of the names on this list, throw our your best nominees if they differ from mine. We’ll get this thing to a vote sooner or later.

Falcons 1971-1980 All-Decade Offense

Quarterback: Steve Bartkowski

Running Back: Art Malone

Fullback: Dave Hampton

Wide Receivers: Alfred Jenkins & Ken Burrow

Tight End: Jim Mitchell

Tackles: Mike Kenn & George Kunz

Guards: R.C. Thielemann & Dave Scott

Center: Jeff Van Note