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Falcons trivia: What was the worst season in Atlanta history?

This one’s not fun to remember, but most of you probably don’t remember it.

Detail / Helmet

As good as the Falcons are today, they were a laughingstock for many years. May we never return there.

Still, those years provide us with fodder for today’s big trivia question. What was the worst Falcons team ever to suit up?

I’ll give you the latitude to decide what measurement you want to use, but the specific answer I have in mind concerns the team’s record, and there’s only one choice in that regard. A hint that you probably don’t need: It didn’t happen in the recent past.

I’m sure many of you will give me a not-so-sarcastic 2016 answer after the way the year ended, but again, we’re looking for the worst team in franchise history, not the most heartbreaking. Guess away!