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What is the most ridiculous way you’ve shown your Falcons fandom?

We know you’ve got the stories.

Atlanta Falcons Practice Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

I generally consider myself a pretty accepting dude, especially when it comes to proving your sports fandom. Whether you have an elaborate tattoo, a piece of memorabilia that cost you way too much, or a weird viewing habit like perching on your coffee table during third quarters, I don’t judge.

Well, I thought I didn’t judge.

This dude with the Falcons dental work is a bit too out there for my blood, but it did make me curious as to the most extreme ways you’ve shown your Falcons fandom to the world, or otherwise displayed your fanhood. Again, that can be gameday customs, or whatever you like, just so long as it’s outside the norm.

Just please don’t tell me a bunch of you have Falcons-branded teeth.