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Jaguars fans are mad online their team took Dante Fowler over Vic Beasley

One pass rusher finished the season with 15.5 sacks, and the other was just arrested for very dumb reasons.

NFL: Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

For those of us old enough to remember the 2015 NFL draft, we remember the months and months of comparing the top pass rushers. Dante Fowler, of course, had a history with Dan Quinn from Florida, and was expected as a more well-rounded prospected. Beasley felt a little riskier, but had some ridiculous athleticism that made most thing he would be the first pass rusher taken.

We know how that shook out, and so far, it looks like Beasley was far and away the superior selection. Adding to that is Fowler was arrested for something that I thought only happens in bad 90s movies.

Sure, this is how adults act. He was already arrested last year for basically the same thing, but charges were later dropped after he completed a pretrial diversion program.

We have another update on Fowler’s long history of police interactions.

Anyways, it reminded us that Fowler was a favorite to drop to Atlanta. It looks like the Jaguars jumped in front of that bullet. What are Jaguars fans saying? Based on Twitter, they do not seem happy.

Leonard Williams was another top prospect that panned out. Maybe their 2015 draft will be similar to when they expertly navigated around countless elite players to select Blaine Gabbert Blake Bortles.

Feels weird to be on the right side of a draft screwup. Thanks, Jaguars.