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Trevor Robinson, who was a reserve Falcons lineman, retires

You all knew the name, of course.

Cincinnati Bengals v Atlanta Falcons

Trevor Robinson spent about a week with the Falcons in the 2016 season before moseying on, and then re-joined the team on a reserve/futures contract in January. Today, it appears he’s retired.

The move is not a significant one for the Falcons, though obviously it is for Robinson himself. The veteran center was looking up at Ben Garland on the depth chart, in all likelihood, and would have been hard pressed to win a roster spot with the team. Like Hugh Thornton before him, Robinson’s departure removes a veteran with some experience from the equation on the defensive line, leaving the Falcons with a young bunch competing for backup roles. They’ll be signing a player to fill this spot, of course, but we don’t know who yet.

If it seems like there has been a rash of players retiring from the Falcons recently, it’s because there kind of has been. Life in the NFL: It gets weird.

We wish you well, Trevor Robinson!