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Vote for Matt Ryan to win an ESPY for Best NFL Player

He deserves it. Go vote.

Super Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Matt Ryan was great in 2016, everyone in the universe except the haters and losers agree. He won the league MVP award, he set career marks in virtually every category, and ensured that if nothing else, he’ll be remembered as just one of two quarterbacks to pilot this Falcons team to a Super Bowl.

Now he’s up for another award, as we noted recently, and you can vote for him. You should do so, because it’s another notch on the belt, and these kinds of awards simply aren’t won very often by Atlanta athletes.

Ryan’s competition includes Ezekiel Elliott, Khalil Mack, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, and as we all know by now, most of the players on that list enjoy more high-profile support than our favorite franchise quarterback. Brady and Rodgers both had tremendous seasons, Elliott had one of the better rookie seasons at running back ever, and Mack is a force of nature. MVP or no, it’s far from a lock that Ryan gets this.

Go vote and help add another award to Matt Ryan’s mantel. It’s a good mantel, it can handle a few more.