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Nominate your choices for the best Falcons on offense from 1981-1990

This is a surprisingly good offense, particularly for the era.

Atlanta Falcons v San Francisco 49ers Photo by George Rose/Getty Images

The period from 1981-1990 was not the best one in team history, but it did yield some of the franchise’s brightest lights. You had Steve Bartkowski at quarterback, two great running backs, the terrific Alfred Jenkins, and should-be Hall of Fame offensive linemen Mike Kenn and Jeff Van Note in the mix. There’s a lot to like here, but that doesn’t mean I’ve nominated the best possible team.

I fully anticipate someone will nominate the great Lynn Cain at running back—I kind of cheated at running back and fullback here—and that should be one of the more hotly contested votes thus far. Give us your nominations, and we’ll put this team together.

Falcons 1981-1990 All-Decade Offense

Quarterback: Steve Bartkowski

Running Back: Gerald Riggs

Fullback: William Andrews (cheating, I know)

Wide Receivers: Alfred Jenkins & Andre Rison

Tackles: Mike Kenn & Warren Bryant

Tight End: Junior Miller

Guards: Bill Fralic & R.C. Thielemann

Center: Jeff Van Note