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Which Falcons team allowed the most points in a single season?

Another lousy franchise record.

Falcons V Jaguars

I promise our next trivia question will make you feel good, not depressing. It’s just a kick I’m on at the moment.

Yesterday we talked about the 1974 Falcons, a team that scored 111 points in a 14 game season, one of the most awesomely desperate marks in NFL history. Today’s question is not quite as historically awful, but it still reflects a poor season in this team’s history.

Here it is: Which Falcons team allowed more points than any other, by about nine points? The team in question edged out the 1985 and 2013 squads, both of which boasted pretty lousy defenses.

Give us the team and, if you’re feeling ambitious, how many points they allowed.