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Meet Your 1991-2000 All-Decade Falcons starting lineup

Meet a team with a strong ground game and a great defense.

Falcons v Cardinals X

Based on your votes and spirited debate, we’ve unearthed the best possible Falcons lineup for the 1991-2000 run, which saw a couple of quality playoff teams and the legendary 1998 Super Bowl squad play. As you’d expect, there’s some terrific players on this final list.

The offense gives you a passable quarterback, two great receivers, a dominant running back in his prime, and a very good offensive line, as well as perhaps the worst starting tight end on any of these teams (no offense, O.J.). The defense, meanwhile, boasts a Hall of Fame cornerback, perhaps the best safety in team history, and a potent front seven. This is a very good squad, I think.

Next up, the 1981-1990 run, which will give this team arguably its most dominant offensive line ever. Check back tomorrow for the first round of nominations!

Falcons All-Decade Offense

Quarterback: Chris Chandler

Running Back: Jamal Anderson

Fullback: Bob Christian

Wide Receivers: Terance Mathis & Andre Rison

Tight End: O.J. Santiago

Tackles: Mike Kenn & Bob Whitfield

Guards: Bill Fralic & Calvin Collins

Center: Jamie Dukes


Defensive Ends: Chuck Smith & Patrick Kerney

Defensive Tackles: Travis Hall & Shane Dronett

Linebackers: Jessie Tuggle, Henri Crockett, Cornelius Bennett

Cornerbacks: Deion Sanders & Ray Buchanan

Safeties: Scott Case & Brian Jordan

Special Teams

Kicker: Morten Andersen

Punter: Dan Stryzinski

Returner: Deion Sanders

Special Teamer: Elbert Shelley