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Falcons trivia: Who has the most kick return touchdowns in franchise history?

It’s not who you’d think.


I love the random records that Falcons players set. If you start digging through the franchise’s history for any length of time, you’ll find some players you’ve entirely forgotten about setting some very impressive marks, and today’s trivia question provides us with another example of that.

Here it is: Who leads the team in career kick return touchdowns?

On the punt return side of things, Allen Rossum, Deion Sanders, and Tim Dwight are all tied with two apiece, which is sensible, orderly and welcome. The man who stands atop the kick return touchdown list is one above Deion, and he’s not a name that leaps out to you as one of the great returners in franchise history, even if he’s got a solid case to be considered.

He has played within the last 20 years (I promise!) if that’s at all helpful. Guess away!