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What does Dan Quinn have to do to be considered the best Falcons coach ever?

We don’t think he’s very far away

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s something that would have sounded absolutely absurd in January 2016: Dan Quinn is within arm’s reach of being considered the best coach the Falcons have ever had. It’s really just a question of whether the Falcons will continue to be good (probably) and what it will take to cement that reputation.

Quinn’s got a 19-13 regular season record in two seasons, a 2-1 playoff record, and only the team’s second Super Bowl berth under his belt. Only Mike Smith (66-46 regular season, 1-3 playoffs), and Jim Mora (26-22, 1-1 playoffs) have coached in more games than Quinn and maintained a winning record, and only Dan Reeves (49-59-1 regular season, 3-2 playoffs) has also made it to a Super Bowl. It’s fair to argue that Quinn could cruise along a couple more seasons and earn the designation even if his team isn’t super successful in the playoffs, but I’d say a second Super Bowl berth would punch his ticket without much problem.

It goes without saying that the first Lombardi Trophy in franchise history would do the trick, as well.

Let’s get your take. What will it take for Quinn to be considered the GOAT?