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Who will be Atlanta’s 2017’s biggest surprise player?

Breakout star or rookie contributor, you make the call.

NFL: Super Bowl LI-City Views Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Every year, there’s at least one Atlanta Falcon who breaks out unexpectedly. That player may be a rookie we weren’t counting on until a later time, or it may be a veteran who just wasn’t being counted on to contribute. Last year, that player was undoubtedly Brian Poole, but 2017 should bring someone new.

When you’re trying to select that player, you think about the intersection of opportunity, role, and talent. Poole was a player that clearly had talent, but I don’t think any of us anticipated he’d have that much talent, or that large of a role. Things worked out well for him, however.

My pick for 2017 is De’Vondre Campbell. It wouldn’t be a shock if he broke out, exactly, but he’s still a second-year, former fourth round linebacker who currently exists in the shadow of the great Deion Jones. If he takes the kind of leap forward I’m anticipating, he could turn in a Pro Bowl-worthy campaign.

Give us your pick.