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Five pressing and completely unimportant Falcons questions for 2017

Questions we want answers to, but probably aren’t important.

Super Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

As you’ve noticed by now, we are extremely deep in the offseason, which means all the big questions have been asked for the moment. Training camp is an oasis that is still miles away, so we bide our time by reflecting on the team’s past, considering smaller questions about the future, and debating one another hand-to-hand, as is our collective custom.

Today, let’s embrace the offseason void with open arms and ask five questions that only matter to the most diehard of Falcons fans, even in late June. These are fun questions, ones that we’ll likely return to down the line, but don’t figure to be major bellwethers for the season ahead.

Will Mohamed Sanu throw a touchdown pass?

Sanu has thrown five passes in his entire career, completing every single one for 177 yards and two touchdowns. It’s a small sample size, sure, but the dude can sling it when called upon.

He did not throw a pass last year, despite rampant speculation that he would in Kyle Shanahan’s creative, madcap offense, and now Shanahan is gone. Sanu also hasn’t thrown a pass in the last two seasons, which may mean his days of quarterbacking are well and truly done. But he’s a useful, versatile player in this offense, and it wouldn’t stun me to see Steve Sarkisian give him a shot at chucking another one.

Will Dontari Poe throw a touchdown pass?

Look, a wide receiver throwing a touchdown pass is one thing. A 300-plus pound defensive tackle throwing one? That’s just fun.

Last year, Poe threw a two yard touchdown pass for the Chiefs, and that’s a tremendous moment. A little nimbler on his feet this year down to 340 pounds or less, and playing for a creative coaching staff, could Poe get another shot at glory? He’ll need that opportunity if he’s going to match Sanu.

Will Julio Jones score double digit touchdowns?

This one matters very little in the grand scheme of things, but it’s very important to those defending Julio Jones’ honor online against those who insist Odell Beckham Jr. and Antonio Brown are superior players. Teams tend to guard Julio Jones closely in the red zone, and #11 has simply never been a huge scoring option for the Atlanta. With so many weapons on offense, he’s been even more de-emphasized.

Is this the year Julio scores 10-plus? It could happen any year, really, if Julio pulls down more red zone targets and Sark decides to feature him inside the 20. The offense actually added another red zone option with rookie Eric Saubert, not to mention Austin Hooper’s likely growing role there, so this is a longshot but one worth considering.

Will Grady Jarrett sack Tom Brady three times in one game?

This one could actually impact the outcome of the crucial Falcons-Patriots rematch, but more than anything, it would be a fantastic footnote in this team’s history and Tom Brady’s career. Jarrett brought down one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history three times in the Super Bowl, potentially presaging a breakout year for one of the league’s most promising defensive tackles.

The Patriots have done little to address the interior of their offensive line, and Jarrett isn’t going to lack motivation. This seems unlikely, but would be a fantastic feat if #97 can pull it off.

How many times will Dan Quinn say fast and physical in 2017?

Over/under is 50.